Grey Vase Large with Dried Flower Arrangement

Grey Vase Large with Dried Flower Arrangement

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These unique vases make a perfect addition into any home and are great to hold dried flowers such as pampas grass and bunny-tails. 
Inspired by the Southwestern deserts of America, this Mojave glaze vase is finished with a muted grey and complete with two loop handles. Beautiful for homes that radiate a mellow mood, the rustic texture and dip ombre effect is created from a reactive glaze technique which forms subtle variations in colour tones, making each one beautifully unique. Completed with a gloss finish.
Measuring in at 23 cm tall and 9.5 cm in diameter. Due to the nature of the material and the hand-finished technique, there may be variations between the colour and appearance of each item.

Beautifully packaged in recyclable and eco-friendly packaging, this will make a lovely gift for yourself or others. 

If you would like to purchase the dried flowers to accompany your vase, then please choose the relevant options in the dropdown.

We offer 3 styles for our dried flower arrangements;

  1. Totally Neutral - a selection from dark and light pampas and white bunny tails, ruscus, broom and gypsophila
  2. Mixed bunch - a selection from dark and light pampas, bunny tails, dried lavender, gypsophila, ruscus, broom & eucalyptus
  3. Dark Autumnal - a selection of dark and light pampas with natural bunny tails and dark Eucalyptus and brown ruscus. 

Please note, all bunches are handmade to order, so depending on availability and stock, the bunches may look different to what is pictured, but we will always make sure they’re as beautiful as possible.
Bunches are approximately 30-45cm high, however this can of course vary as it depends on fluffiness of the dried flowers!